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Notes on reception

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  • Last updated:2022-07-05
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Notes on reception

1. Applicant should take ID document to register for reception at reception office.

2. Allowable reception frequency of detainee

(1) As compliant with the “Imprison Grade Regulations, Article 56”, the allowable reception frequency of detainee/prisoner is defined as

Grade 4 prisoner once per week

Grade 3 prisoner once or twice per week

Grade 2 prisoner once per each three days

Grade 1 prisoner once per day

(2) Criminal defendant once per day

(3) Person under custody once per day

(4) Juvenile detainee once per day

(5) Compel-disciplined detainee once per week

3. Reception applicant is restricted to the detainee’s close relative and family member (spouse, direct-blood relatives, indirect-blood relatives within the most close three tiers and the spouse’s indirect-blood relatives within the most close two tiers, no more than three persons).

4. Food sent in to detainee is limited not to exceed 2 kgs.

5. Reception time

(1) 8:30~11:00, 14:00~16:00, Monday to Friday

(2) Open to reception on the first Sunday of each month

(3) Reception time on national holidays is another announced

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