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2020 "Buddha Hall Seating Ceremony and the institute's cleansing" Activities

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Message from our secretaryinstitute's cleansing Activities_1

Time:December 7,2020,09:00~12:00
Location:The Buddha Hall and the whole range
The number of participants:10 guests, 8 staff of our firm, 6 representatives of the inmates
Organizer:Counseling department
Activity description:
In order to maximize the benefits of religious teachings and visualize the beliefs of the inmates, our institute actively seeks social resources to establish a Buddhist temple. After contacting many parties, we finally obtained the assistance of the Fo Guang Shan system. The setting of the Buddha Hall Sister Zheng from Foguangshan and Brother Zhang from Daming Temple in Miaoli assisted in planning and donating Buddha statues, tables and hall supplies to enshrine the Sakyamuni Buddha, Guanshiyin Bodhisattva and Ksitigarbha. On December 7, 109, Master Miaolian of Daming Temple presided over the seating ceremony, and spread the cleansing throughout the whole place. The ceremony was solemn and grand. Ade (a pseudonym), the inmate who participated in the puja, said: After entering the sanctuary, he participated in such a solemn and solemn puja and directly faced the Buddha statue, which instantly relieved the tension and anxiety of entering the sanctuary, and felt much calmer.
Director Zhang of our institute stated that the establishment of exclusive religious venues is based on the greatest respect for religion and the teachers who enter the institute, and at the same time, it also provides a place for the inhabitants’ beliefs. We very grateful to all religious teachers who have worked so hard to enlighten the inmates for many years. It is also hoped that the recipients will be cleansed by religion, so that their hearts will be stabilized and they will be on the right path.

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