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Rehabilitation and education

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  • Last updated:2023-02-01
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I、Rehabilitation and education
(I) Handle the services of individual, collective, special and category teachings for inmates, and arrange teaching volunteers to implement teaching and supplementary services for inmates who will be released from prison.


(II) Arrange religious groups, enthusiastic public welfare teaching and social volunteers, and combine social resources into the institute to implement teaching courses.

rehabilitation_04 1浴佛法會

(III) Handle the business of bringing children into custody and childcare and nanny, and arrange relevant treatment courses.

 rehabilitation_06 rehabilitation_07

II、Rehabilitation protection business:

Combining the Miaoli branch of the Taiwan Rehabilitation Protection Association, the Miaoli Employment Service Station and the Miaoli Branch of the Legal Aid Foundation, handle various related business promotion courses; and handle employment group counseling courses to assist the inmates in employment placement and career planning.

rehabilitation_08 rehabilitation_09rehabilitation_06

III、Cultural and recreational activities:
(I) Cultural and recreational activities

rehabilitation_10 rehabilitation_11

rehabilitation_12 rehabilitation_13

(II) On the Spring Festival, Mother's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival and other festivals, hold phone calls, face-to-face kisses and related activities such as "Mother Card", "Writing Spring Festival Couplets and Sending Home" and other activities.

rehabilitation_14 rehabilitation_15rehabilitation_16 rehabilitation_17

rehabilitation_18 rehabilitation_19

rehabilitation_20 rehabilitation_21

IV、Talent training:

In order to cultivate the local culture and enhance the physical and mental health, talent ability and temperament of the host, our institute has opened rush weaving, bamboo weaving, Beiguan eight-tone, Hakka songs, dance, chorus, strap weaving, ocarina, harmonica.

rehabilitation_22 rehabilitation_23

2書法班 rehabilitation_253竹藝編織班 4繪畫班rehabilitation_28 5花燈

V. Juvenile teaching and tutoring business:

The arrangement of juvenile education and tutoring courses is based on personality, morality and rule of law education, supplemented by knowledge and talent education. It is hoped that the religious concept of goodness will correct its incorrect values.

rehabilitation_30 rehabilitation_31rehabilitation_32 6少年毒品課程7少年趙以選少觀所課程 8少年法庭輔導

VI. Visiting business:

Handle the visits of the family members of the inmates, members of the public, government agencies and organizations, and publicize prison reform measures and human rights protection matters.

rehabilitation_36 rehabilitation_37

VII. Project business:

implement the "drug addiction treatment group treatment" and "scientifically proven drug offenders treatment" programs for the frequent recidivism of drunk driving and drug offenders in the society, in order to effectively control the treatment of alcohol and drugs after release from prison.

(I) Drunk driving Prevention Model Course

rehabilitation_38 rehabilitation_39 rehabilitation_40

(II) Scientifically proven drug criminal treatment model course

rehabilitation_41 rehabilitation_42 rehabilitation_43

(III) Suicide prevention and treatment of inmates

rehabilitation_44 rehabilitation_45 rehabilitation_46

(VIII) Family Support and Assistance Family Program

(I) "Timely Rain"-High-Care Host Family Visit

rehabilitation_47 rehabilitation_48

(II)  Kindly install a lifting platform and convenient seats for elderly family members with limited mobility

rehabilitation_49 rehabilitation_50

(III) Handle the "Hand in Hand Rebirth-Family Contact Form" activity

9家庭聯絡簿 10家庭聯絡簿

(IV) Handle the "Pillow Whisper-Telling Stories for Children" activity

rehabilitation_53 rehabilitation_54

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