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Miaoli Detention Center was established in 1997; before it, the related criminal detention enforcement was executed by Hsinchu Juvenile Detention House and Hsinchu Detention Center dispatched by Hsinchu Local Court and Procuratorate. To coordinate with the establishment of Miaoli Local Court and Procuratorate, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has found the current 2.983 hectare land and buy it by price negotiation in 1991.
The Center bears the main mission of retaining criminal defendant in Miaoli zone, including male and female detainee, Enforcement Rules of the Detention Act, civil custody by Miaoli Local Court and Procuratorate.
Since 1997.10.7, the detainees sentenced(or convicted) by Miaoli Local Court were not necessary to be sent to prison far away from Miaoli zone; For the favor of detainees’ relatives to visit and for releasing the crowded situation retained at other prisons, the Center has followed MOJ approval to add the “Taichung Prison, Miaoli Branch” to hold male detainees with prison term less than 5 years, conducted by Miaoli Local Court. Also accommodated detainees less than 7 years according to “Judgement table of criminal by each prison was indicated from MOJ”.
Besides, to accommodate to the enforcement of Narcotics Endangerment Prevention Program and Compelled Discipline Enforcement Program since 1998.5.20, the Center has built the “Miaoli Detention Center affiliated Compelled Discipline House” to enforce the compelled discipline task declared by Miaoli Local Court and procuratorate. People under Rehabilitation’s business had been transferred from Miaoli Detention center to others treatment center specializing in drug abuser since 2011.10.1.
Moreover, to fulfill the juvenile crime prevention juvenile detention work, the Center has followed the Executive-Yuan approval to build the “Miaoli Juvenile Detention House” on 1998.7.1; the Center runs the administration work and hold the juveniles under criminal or disciplinary events.
Our detention center was affiliated to MJAC ( Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice) and renamed “Miaoli Detention center, Agency of corrections, Ministry of Justice”; co-working with “Miaoli Juvenile Detention House” based on Organic Act of MOJ Agency of Corrections from 2011.1.1

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