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Phone call reservation of reception

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  • Last updated:2019-01-16
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Phone call reservation of reception


To simplify administration procedure and shorten waiting time, we have offered the phone call reservation reception service to the public.

Regulations and application procedure

1. Commence the reservation procedure no late than the working day prior to the reception date (before 16:00).

2. Reservation time is within 0900~11:00, 14:00~16:00, Monday to Friday, by different shift.

3. Applicant limited to the “most close relative” (registered on the relative card), being registered for reception application in the Center at least once before.

4. Allowable reception frequency of detainee

(1) As compliant with the “Imprison Grade Regulations, Article 56”, the allowable reception frequency of detainee/prisoner is defined as

Grade 4 prisoner once per week

Grade 3 prisoner once or twice per week

Grade 2 prisoner once per each three days

Grade 1 prisoner once per day

(2) Criminal defendant once per day

(3) Person under custody once per day

(4) Juvenile detainee once per day

(5) Compel-disciplined detainee once per week

5. Phone call reservation application time limit: once per week for the same relative.

6. Service hotline 037-361505

7. Shift amount by phone call reservation: two per shift (no phone call reservation allowed in holiday, weekend and Chinese Lunar New Year vacation).

8. Shift reporting time by reservation

Shift 1 0900 Shift 6 1400

Shift 2 0930 Shift 7 1430

Shift 3 1000 Shift 8 1500

Shift 4 1030 Shift 9 1530

Shift 5 1100 Shift 10 1600


1. Inmate under reception restriction or pending cannot apply for this service.

2. If applicant fails to attend the reserved reception, no second reservation is applicable.

3. After reservation is made, applicant should carry personal ID document (ID card or driving license; foreigner should carry resident permit or passport) to report for reception 10 minute in advance.

4. After reservation in made, yet, applicant fails to attend the reserved reception, he/she should call our hotline: 037-361505 to cancel the said reservation no later than on the working day prior to the reservation one. And if applicant has cancelled the reservation for three times in latest six months, his/her reservation right should be pended for six months since the latest reception date reserved.

5. No reservation service is applied on holiday, weekend or Chinese Lunar New Year Festival period.

6. Detainee’s relative should use real identity to register for reception reservation; if fake identity is discovered, he/she will be cancelled for this reservation service.


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