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Service for the people

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  • Last updated:2019-01-16
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Service for the people

To facilitate inmates ’family member request for visitation, gifts, and inquiries, the service desk at the House provides an information board for visiting inmates, sending and receiving mail, and package storage as well as “service to the people” handbooks for family members to peruse. The waiting room is equipped with a water cooler, television, newspapers, and magazines for family members to use and read. A suggestion box has been installed to receive advice as reference for future improvement.

Unhindered space and a staff to support gate guard provide directions to visitors and service to the elderly, or handicapped residents. To prevent travel in vain, written notifications are sent to family members of inmates with visitation right revoked or reinstated or inmates who have been transferred.


接見室103   接見辦理櫃台

Side Entrance                                                                   Reception Room

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