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Remote reception

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Remote reception


The Center has followed MOJ instruction open for “remote reception” service since Jan 2004 to facilitate inmate’s relatives meeting the inmates by video equipment at correction authorities close to their residences rather then taking long distance travel to the retention center/prison distant away.


1. Objective inmate’s spouse, direct-blood relatives, indirect-blood relatives within the most close three tiers and the spouse’s indirect-blood relatives within the most close two tiers, no more than three persons.

2. Remote reception time 14:00~16:30, Monday to Friday (working days only)

3. Frequency once shift (half an hour) per a week.

4. Terminate application qualification if applicant fails to the authority providing the said remote reception

Application procedure

1. Attach the related proving document to the application sheet, such as the census register copy or else.

2. Select suitable shift and send the application form to the respective correction authority by registered post or fax (for the first application), or phone call (being approved to make remote reception before) one week in advance.

3. After the correction authority has approved the application, it will inform the applicant to schedule for the reception date and time.

4. After receiving the approved notice, applicant should follow the reception schedule to the authority implementing the remote reception operation; carry ID document and fill out the “Remote Reception Registering Sheet” and start to meet the detainee remotely by web network.


1. If the jurisdictional judge or prosecutor has announced to inhibit for reception and communication, or the detainee is under reception ban or behavior observation due to regulation violation, it then cannot take remote reception.

2. Except being confined by the exception of Article 34, Code of Criminal Procedure, that the jurisdictional judge or prosecutor may count on the case status and restrict the reception scope to public defender and dutiful defending lawyer, it should not be restricted by the above items.

3. If the correction authority that the objective detainee is locating at approves to the remote reception application, the nearby remote reception implementing authority may reject performing the approved remote reception if

(1) Applicant fails to bring identity certifying document.

(2) The applicant reveals suspected behavior.

(3). The applicant is drunk or mental disorder.

4. Anyone not making reception application registration is forbidden to replace or accompany the registered one making remote reception with detainee.

Responsible officer’s contacting callsTEL037-361510 ext 203       FAX037-367756


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