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Family support activity "New Year's Calligraphy to Welcome the Golden Dragon ~ Handwritten Spring Couplets Sent Home"

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  • Last updated:2024-01-29
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In order to continue promoting the family support program and to tie in with the traditional culture of the Lunar New Year. The Miaoli Detention Center held the "Chinese New Year Brush Writings to Welcome the Golden Dragon ~ Handwritten Chinese New Year Couplets to Send Home" event on January 24th. With the hope of fostering a sense of responsibility and a sense of belonging among inmates, and further contributing to the power of bonding among family members.

The activity invited Mr.Yong-chang,Luo, a teacher from the Miaoli Calligraphy Class, to act as a consultant and guide the inmates in wielding their brushes. Meanwhile, in order to increase the activity's liveliness and richness, the inmates were provided with the opportunity to take photographs at the scene. After the event, the Spring Festival couplets and the photographs were sent back to their homes, with all expenses covered by the Miaoli Detention Center.

Director Zheng-yong, Huang said that through tangible and intangible links, the shelter residents can maintain their emotional ties with their families, and through the care and acceptance of their families, they can make the road to a better life more stable.

The host, Xiaobai (a pseudonym), said: "This year, I cannot participate in the traditional family cleaning for the New Year, but by sending handwritten spring couplets to my family, I can convey blessings and help decorate the family environment. I put a lot of effort and patience into writing them, hoping that through the spring couplets and photos, I can strengthen the relationship with my family and show them my transformation and growth."

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