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Miaoli Detention Center's Spring Festival Family Reunion Wishing for the Dragon to Bring Good Fortune and Have a Happy New Year.

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  • Last updated:2024-02-05
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As the Lunar New Year approaches, Miaoli Prison held a face-to-face family reunion event on January 30th. They thoughtfully used a security vehicle to transport family members entry and exit of the event venue, to prevent elderly or mobility-impaired family members from having to struggle with stairs. Upon entering the venue, family members were immediately drawn to the on-the-spot calligraphy activity for making and giving out spring couplets. It turns out that the prison broke with tradition by inviting calligraphy masters Luo Yong-chang and Chen Bao-xu to write and distribute spring couplets on the spot. The joy and happiness of receiving the spring couplets were evident on the faces of the family members. The family reunion event also featured balloon artist Lin Yu-cheng, who interacted with family members to create balloon sculptures, as well as "cartoon characters" for guests to take photos with. This created a different atmosphere for the family reunion event, allowing the inmates to experience the festive atmosphere of the outside world.

Director Huang Zheng-yong visited the gathering of relatives and detainees to pay his respects and wish them a happy Chinese New Year. He reminded the detainees to cherish the time spent with their families, and emphasized that having the companionship and care of family members will lead to a more stable path in life. Subsequently, Director Huang distributed creatively shaped balloons to the families, which the children held onto dearly. The detainees also took photos with their wives and children, posing with cartoon signs to capture the rare and happy moments of family reunion.

In addition, Miaoli Prison had already held a phone call gathering event on the 25th of the month, allowing detainees to catch up with their families and exchange blessings and thoughts. Before the Chinese New Year, the prison organized a series of family support activities, hoping that through the acceptance and nurturing of family bonds, detainees can set new goals and turn over a new leaf.


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