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Celebrate the Lunar New Year together by solving lantern riddles and enjoying the Lantern Festival.

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  • Last updated:2024-03-01
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On the morning of February 23, the Miaoli Detention Center of the Ministry of Justice Correctional Agency, in collaboration with the Miaoli Yufeng Lions Club, Miaoli County Love and Happiness Care Association, and the Youth Corps Yuanli Branch Committee, organized a "Guessing Lantern Riddles for Lantern Festival" event for detainees. Local professional hostess Miss Liu Luhua was invited to host the event. In addition to the detainees participating in the lantern riddle competition, the event also featured a lively performance by the "Love Dancing Girls" dance troupe showcasing exotic dances, as well as street performers playing cheerful and beautiful saxophone music, creating a joyful and happy atmosphere at the scene.

  The event started with a donation of sports equipment by Yufeng Lions Club and Xiangyuan Industrial Company, and a donation of soaps by Miaoli County Love and Happiness Care Association and Yuanli Branch of China Youth Corp.. In return, certificates of appreciation were given to thank the external organizations for caring for the socially disadvantaged and benefiting the residents. It is hoped that the residents will cherish the love from the outside world and cultivate a heart of gratitude.

  While enjoying the performance, the host conducted a lantern riddle guessing game for the audience. Cleverly, the riddles were tied to lanterns, and the participants would come up on stage and choose a lantern to untie and reveal the riddle. This year's lantern riddles varied in difficulty, such as "The number one family in the world" (guessing a place in Taiwan) and "Only men are allowed to live here" (guessing a place in Taiwan), challenging everyone to use their brains and participate in the fun. The atmosphere was lively and joyful, with participants expressing that they could both watch the performance and play the lantern riddle game, making the event lively and interesting. After the lantern riddles were revealed, it brought laughter and joy to everyone!

  The Miaoli Detention Center places great emphasis on the living conditions and cultural and recreational activities of the detainees, hoping to achieve the goal of combining education with entertainment through various activities. This will not only allow the detainees to learn sportsmanship, but also help them develop interpersonal adaptability skills for their successful reintegration into society upon release.



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